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ManUcan Consulting LLC

Embodied Lifestyle Recovery Coach
Restoring Values and Principles to Families, Communities and Systems
About Me
a Declaration and Confirmation

Born in the North Minneapolis community, I relocated with my Grandmother and Mother to Atlanta, GA at the age of 3 years old. Attending several elementary schools and high schools, Columbia High School, in Decatur, GA. Growing up during the Crack era in the inner cities of Atlanta and Decatur, I acquired a wide range of acquaintances, experiences, and exposures.

After completing high school, I in jail, and then prison for the next 12 years in the state of Georgia. After executing my full sentence, I returned to the Atlanta community working various jobs to survive and with the determination to keep my life moving in my new direction forward. In 2006, I relocated back to my native community North Minneapolis with a strong desire to make a change where I co-founded the Minnesota chapter of Criminals and Gangmembers Anonymous (CGA) a Lifestyle Recovery Program. I facilitated 208 CGA groups touching over 3,120 individuals at a local treatment center who sought lifestyle recovery support over the course of 4 years. I volunteered at the Neighborhood Hub where I later gained full-time employment from 2011-16 as a Resource Navigator advocating for hundreds of families in North Minneapolis and providing them with food, housing support and other resources for daily living. Over the past 10 years, I have continued my trend of positive and impactful change that has both strengthened my abilities and capacity while remaining committed to learning, growing, and supporting methods that create healthier communities.

I am a proud father of a beautiful 19-year-old daughter and am a recognized community leader for my commitment, impact, volunteerism, and service. I am a 2014 restorative Justice Practitioner Honoree, 2014 with the Sullivan Ballou Fund Honoree- presented by the Honorable Judge Peterson. A 2014 Sons of Bransford Mentorship Honoree, 2019 US Attorney Honored for Excellence and the Pursuit of Justice for my work on the Group Violence Intervention/ Project L.I.F.E. initiative, which was under the auspices of the US Department Office of Justice and Programs National Initiative. I served as a community representative on the Police/Community support team with the 4th precinct. A 2016 Boards Commissions Fellow through Nexus Community Partners, a former Neighborhood & Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) Commissioner. I am also trained and certified as a Trauma-informed care Specialist, a Psychological First Aide respondent, and Circle Keeper. I am also a proud recipient of the 2020 VOQAL Fellowship which supports social change agents.

Integrating Restorative Processes into Families, Communities and Systems

Our service focuses on lifestyle recovery by providing training and builds capacity to improve and repair relationships with attitudes beliefs and behaviors. The purpose is to build the capacity for healthy communities, increase social capital, decrease crime and antisocial behavior, repair harm, and restore relationships.

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